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Like Anna, I have equal passion for raiding and roleplaying. I too do not believe these interests are oil and water, and after trying to do just one or the other for long periods of time, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d much rather have the best of both worlds.

My current characters reside on The Scryers (US-RP) in the guild Rotten Luck. I have a holy paladin (Dristanel - 80), a tanking death knight (Rhysienn - 80), a beast mastery hunter (Sindharin - 80), and an enhancement/resto shaman (Matoska - 62+).

This blog, however, will be primarily focused on holy paladin raiding and roleplaying. I absolutely welcome comments, contributions, and suggestions from other holy paladins, roleplayers, or anyone from the WoW community.

Outside of the game I am a twenty-something, college-going writer and freelance narrative designer (and a girl IRL *blush*). I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since third beta and my first character to reach level cap was – you guessed it – a holy paladin. I adore the class and hope to represent it to the best of its potential for my readers.

Barring any sort of catastrophe, The Physician’s Log will be updated three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – with a bonus weekend post specifically for roleplayers.

My Characters

Dristanel Xukuth

I have had Dristanel for almost two years now, but he wasn't leveled to 80 until ToC10 was released. He is my second paladin past 70, my... fourth? paladin in WoW. It's amusing because when BC came out (I was Alliance at the time) I swore I would never roll a belfadin. Then I came over to The Scryers and... rolled a belfadin.

OOC'ly Drist is Bubble spec Holy with an offspec of Ret that I rarely play anymore. He's maxed in JC and Mining, and is almost done with Glory of the Hero. (DIAF, Less-rabi)

IC'ly I play him as more of a physician / field medic who has very little faith in the Light. He's married to another paladin (Ellua) and is only participating in the Icecrown breech in hopes of securing a quiet, peaceful life as an apothecary.

Previously Drist was... involved in some shady dealings. He followed a human woman to the Scarlet Crusade where he worked as an Inquisitor, then to make money and pay off the debts his family's shop had accrued, he signed on to help in the construction of M'uru's prison.

Sindharin Talonguard

Sindharin was my first character on The Scryers. My two Alliance characters on Crushridge were a paladin and a hunter, so naturally I made another hunter. He started as a fun, casual side project, but then I met Rotten Luck and leveled him to 60 in two weeks...

OOC'ly Sind is BM/BM with four spirit beasts (missing Skoll =( ) and a devilsaur. He is a max level Alchemist and Herbalist and has the most achievements done, including Guardian of Cenarius.

IC'ly he retains most of the traits I spec him for. He is a beast master and currently tames and trains worgs for use by the Frostwolves. Previously he sold exotic beasts to collectors, keeping those he respected at his side. For that reason, all of his IC pets are named mobs who retain their names. (ie Arcturis, Gondria, Loque'nahak)

Sindharin is married to an Elune-worshipping paladin (Daciana) and together they have two children, twins (Eluna and Revan). The rest of his family is fairly non-existent in his life. For as many years as he spent searching for his sister, he gave her up to placate his wretch of a mother and keep his own family undisturbed.

Sind was previously a political assassin under a fairly covert branch of the Farstriders run by his father, S'varin the Talon Guard. One of his contracts was to exterminate a clan line of Kal'dorei. Unfortunately, he didn't finish the job, and the Matron later cursed him, stealing his sister and raising her as her own in the process. Sindharin spent six long years searching for her before finally coming across any trace.

Rhysien Delador

Rhys was originally a paladin, but I made him a DK as soon as Wrath dropped. He was actually my first to 80 and my primary raiding character for a good four months.

OOC'ly he is a frost tank with a blood/unholy hybrid build for soloing old instances and raids. He's a max level Enchanter and Scribe. He's also my closest character to the violet proto-drake.

IC'ly he is... an odd brand of deathknight. His 'deal with Arthas' was struck by a demon, so he doesn't have as much of a beef with Arthas as some others.

Rhysien was a ranking officer in the Quel'thalas Guard, but he abandoned his post during the fall of the city to search for his crazed wife. Doing so, of course, had him stripped of his title, and with his wife dead, he turned to a life of recklessness.

Quite the charmer, Rhys always had a penchant for entanglements with rogues. He has more or less settled down now, though, with a rogue (Meleferenze) who takes him for the fool he is. Him and his scruff and patterned socks.

Matoska Witherhorn

Matoska will be my fourth 80 and my first shaman. He has been rerolled about 50 times as a druid then a shaman then a druid then a shaman then a druid...

OOC'ly he is Resto/ENH and currently has... no tradeskills! I hope to finally level Engineering on him. He's also been a fun alt-leveling experiment. With full heirlooms, he's been leveled almost exclusively in instances and AV.

ICly Matty really doesn't like being a shaman; he's not very good at it, according to him. He only took up the shamanistic arts after his sister (Naeobi), a talented and respected shaman, called forth the spirits and, in her arrogance, became controlled by them.

Now Matoska watches out for his elder sister as if she were a young child. He is generally very polite and very shy, but has a severely protective side and won't hesitate to do anything necessary to protect the ones he loves. He's also trying to come to terms with being interested in males and having a loud-mouthed sister who likes to broadcast that fact frequently.

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