Physician's Log: Entry 032  

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I'm adding a new weekend feature. I doubt these will get a lot of reads, but since this is The Physician's Log I thought I'd better start including, you know... physician's logs. I imagine these will generally represent an IC view of the Monday post that follows, as I usually make a post related to our raid progress over the weekend.

These will be the only entries on my blog without an associated picture, so it should make them both easy to find and easy to ignore, if it's not your cup of tea.

Ashen Verdict Encampment - Icecrown Citadel


Why can’t anyone in this Light-forsaken world just stay dead.

Three hours. Three long hours, waist-deep in blood magic. I feel no sympathy for the San’layn. And really, how many cults do we need? This is bordering on ridiculous and slightly unbelievable.

My whole body aches. I think I was blasted into a wall at least ten times. Some of my armor is now melted in on itself. Though my comrades in only cloth had it far worse. Pulling debris from a fresh burn is… an excruciating experience for both parties.

After the progress we made last week, I thought there was finally some form of light at the end of this frozen tunnel. But there is nothing. More walls. More death.

Spending the night in the Ashen Verdict encampment. ‘Til tomorrow, when our reinforcements arrive.

I wish I were home.

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